Formal Approach

A traditional home on Spa Creek enjoys water views and an updated feel

Empty-nesters who had raised their kids in Phoenix, Maryland, were ready to downsize. So they purchased a 1916 home on Spa Creek in downtown Annapolis, then tapped designer Katherine Crosby, who had decorated their previous home, to update the interiors to better fit their tastes. “The house was traditional, with lots of color,” says Crosby. “My clients preferred cleaner lines and a neutral palette. They wanted a degree of formality, but to feel relaxed for every day.”

With the home’s waterfront location in mind, Crosby oriented the furniture groupings toward the views. Located off the open-plan kitchen/family room, the dining nook (pictured), was easy, she says, “because it has three walls of windows.” She replaced the traditional shades with motorized ones, which have a thinner profile, and selected natural-linen drapery panels from John Saladino to frame the vistas rather than obstruct them. Neutral furnishings, including an existing table and velvet-upholstered chairs from Hickory White, complement a patterned sisal rug. A white-beaded Visual Comfort chandelier conveys a casual vibe.

Interior Design: Katherine Crosby, Jenkins Baer Associates, Baltimore, Maryland. Styling: Charlotte Safavi.