Interior Design Expert: Bonnie Ammon

Beautiful spaces with the clients’ dreams in mind.

Design is not just about beautiful spaces, it’s about the challenges that arise and how we deal with them, notes Bonnie Ammon, who brings 15 years of design experience to the table—and 20 years in finance. This powerful combination allows BAI to provide clients with the most cost-effective approach to achieving their dream homes.

Ammon was inspired to become a designer “by the happy feeling I’d have when I entered a room I loved,” she recounts. “I wanted to create interiors that evoke those happy emotions.” She and her staff of three complete eight projects a year, working comfortably in any style. Says Ammon, “A well-designed home speaks volumes when it reflects the people who live there, surrounded with the things they love.”

Bonnie Ammon Interiors
18571 Norborne Ct, Leesburg, VA 20176