Interior Design Expert: David Cochran

Cherished snapshots inspire David Cochran’s unique family portraits

David Cochran, who has been a portrait artist for over 30 years, takes an unusual approach to his craft. His acrylic-on-canvas works depict families in paintings combining from six to 20 portraits measuring three to 10 feet in width. “I don’t paint from live sittings but use client snapshots as my resource,” Cochran says. “A candid photo will capture a genuine smile, which can reveal a person’s true personality.” He only needs one good face shot of each subject to do his work.

Personalized backdrops, from a childhood home to a memorable vacation spot, enhance each portrait’s meaning. Clues to a subject’s life are incorporated, including t-shirts, school logos or jewelry. Beloved pets, past and present, are often featured as well as multi-generational images. Observes Cochran, “Clients tell me they never feel alone in a room with my family portraits.”

Cochran Studios