Americans @ National Museum of the American Indian
Oct 26 2017 – Sep 1 2027 all-day

Featuring nearly 350 objects and images, from a Tomahawk missile to a can of baking powder, this exhibit demonstrates the ways in which Indian words and images have become ingrained in American culture. It also examines how four Indian narratives—Pocahontas, Thanksgiving, the Trail of Tears and the Battle of Little Bighorn—have engendered enduring fascination and conflict.

Hokusai: Mad about Painting @ Freer | Sackler Gallery
Nov 23 2019 – Nov 30 2020 all-day

While celebrated Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai is best known for his iconic woodblock print The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa, he created thousands of works during his long life. Charles Lang Freer assembled the world’s largest collection of Hokusai’s prints, paintings and drawings, many of which will be on view in this yearlong exhibit.

Heroes: Principles of African Greatness @ National Museum of African Art
Dec 1 2019 – Dec 4 2020 all-day

Ongoing • This unique exhibit celebrates African heroes through tales of human accomplishment that reflect the continent’s trials and triumphs. Pulled from the museum’s permanent collection, each of the nearly 50 works of art on display is paired with an historic African individual who embodies the values reflected in the selected work.

Paper Routes—Women to Watch 2020 @ NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WOMEN IN THE ARTS
Oct 8 2020 – Jan 18 2021 all-day

The sixth installation of the Women to Watch series demonstratesthe transformation of paper into complex works of art. Pieces by 22 emerging and under-represented artists from around the world will show what can be done when paper is cut, folded, torn, burned or embossed. Creations include a striking installation (left) by Angela Glajcar.

A Perfect Power: Motherhood and African Art @ BALTIMORE MUSEUM OF ART
Oct 30 2020 – Jan 17 2021 all-day

In their depiction of the female form, central African artists in the 19th and early 20th centuries often paid homage to motherhood and the pivotal role women played as the pillars of family and morality. This exhibit assembles nearly 40 objects including monumental headdresses and sculptures of mythic female figures.

Katharina Grosse: Is It You? @ BALTIMORE MUSEUM OF ART
Oct 30 2020 – Jan 3 2021 all-day

Raising the specter of how viewers experience art, Grosse will take over the central gallery of the museum’s Contemporary Wing with five of her exuberant, large-scale paintings enveloping its walls. The
German artist will also create a piece in situ.

Murals That Matter: Activism Through Public Art @ NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM
Oct 30 – Nov 30 all-day

A collection of murals displayed on the museum’s west lawn was created in response to last summer’s social-justice protests in Washington and beyond; six additional murals celebrate the life of the late civil rights champion U.S. Representative John Lewis. Murals on view in DC’s Gallery Place neighborhood are also part of the show.

Oct 30 2020 – Jan 3 2021 all-day

Responding to a population emerging into the world after a period of hibernation, the museum has mounted a show of
20 photographs from its collection that explore nature in all of its complexity. Works by 11 women photographers are on view, including For the Last Tree by Mwangi Hutter.

Treasures of Ancient Egypt: Sunken Cities @ VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS
Oct 30 2020 – Jan 18 2021 all-day

Visitors to this Richmond venue can peruse nearly 300 artifacts salvaged from the lost Egyptian cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, which flooded more than 1,000 years ago. The exhibit spotlights jewelry and coins, utilitarian and ritual objects, colossal statues and more.

Valerie Maynard: Lost and Found @ BALTIMORE MUSEUM OF ART
Oct 30 2020 – Jan 3 2021 all-day

This exhibit spans the 60-year career of Baltimore-based sculptor and printmaker Valerie Maynard. A highlight is her seminal “No Apartheid” series from the 1980s and 1990s, which combines varied artistic techniques.