The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire @ National Museum of the American Indian
Jun 26 2015 – Jun 1 2018 all-day

247967.000The Inka Road stretches 20,000 miles across South America. Providing a vital link between the administrative and spiritual capitals of the ancient Inka world, it is still in use today and deemed a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. This exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian explores its engineering history in terms of technology, politics and culture.

Lincoln’s Contemporaries @ National Portrait Gallery
May 13 2016 – Jan 1 2018 all-day

by Mathew Brady Studio

The National Portrait Gallery showcases 20 portraits by Civil War photographer Mathew Brady depicting famous figures from President Lincoln’s time. Subjects ranging from P. T. Barnum to inventor Samuel Morse and clergyman Henry Ward Beecher reflect the diversity of American cultural and intellectual life during the era.

Connections: Contemporary Craft from the Permanent Collection @ Renwick Gallery
Jul 1 2016 – Jul 1 2018 all-day


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-10-58-43-am-copyThe Renwick Gallery reopened last fall after an extensive renovation; now, an installation of artworks taken from the museum’s permanent collection will explore the value of craft in the modern world. More than 80 objects on view will include such new acquisitions as stained glass by Judith Schaechter, wood sculpture by Wendell Castle and cast glass by Karen Lamonte.

Fabergé and Russian Decorative Arts @ Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Dec 26 2016 – Dec 31 2017 all-day

47_20_287_v1_tf_200911_o4-1This ongoing exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts showcases its renowned collection of 280 objects made by Russian decorative artists—including five imperial Easter eggs by Fabergé. A jeweler for the court of Tsar Nicholas, this master craftsman fled Russia after the 1918 revolution; what remains of his work offers a glimpse into a vanished era.

In the Tower: Theaster Gates @ National Gallery’s East Building
Mar 5 – Sep 4 all-day

Contemporary American artist Theaster Gates will create an installation for the new Tower 3 galleries in the National Gallery’s East Building. Entitled “The Minor Arts,” it will examine how human experience instills everyday objects with new meaning.

June Schwarcz: Invention and Variation @ Renwick Gallery
Mar 5 – Aug 27 all-day

A retrospective at the Renwick Gallery showcases more than 50 objects by enamel artist June Schwarcz. Known for a distinctive style that combines texture and color with a nod to the California Arts & Crafts movement, Schwarcz worked until 2015, when she passed away at the age of 97.

Voulkos: The Breakthrough Years @ Renwick Gallery
Apr 7 – Aug 20 all-day

The late Peter Voulkos is credited with revolutionizing ceramic forms and techniques. The Renwick Gallery showcases works from his early career (1953 to 1968), many of which combine wheel-thrown and slab elements and mix traditional glazes with epoxy paint.

Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style @ Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
May 6 – Aug 27 all-day

The iconic fashion designer’s achievements are the focus of this exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which showcases 100 examples of his haute couture and ready-to-wear garments, some never before shown publicly. The trajectory of Saint Laurent’s style is recounted through accessories, photographs, drawings, films and video.

Down These Mean Streets: Community 
and Place in Urban 
Photography @ Smithsonian American Art Museum
May 12 – Aug 6 all-day

The growth of the suburbs after World War II left many American cities in decline—and the resulting landscape of urban neglect is the subject of this exhibit spotlighting 10 postwar photographers at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Works by Manuel Acevedo, Oscar Castillo, Frank Espada and others powerfully capture street life and people who personalize these images for the viewer.

Training the Eye: 19th-Century Drawing @ The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore
May 14 – Aug 13 all-day

The artistic training and technique of 19th-century artists is the subject of this exhibit at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Seventeen portraits, still-life studies and drawings are on view, and experts from Baltimore’s Schuler School of Fine Arts provide commentary.