Encountering the Buddha: Art and Practice Across Asia @ Freer | Sackler 
Oct 14 2017 – Oct 1 2020 all-day

Fresh from a major renovation of its interiors, the Freer|Sackler reopens on October 14 with a weekend celebration of Asian art, food and culture. Four special exhibitions also kick off—including one that examines Buddhism in Asian art through objects and immersive spaces.

Arts of Asia @ The Walters Art Museum
Oct 20 2017 @ 6:51 pm – Sep 20 2020 @ 7:51 pm

This seminal exhibit highlights the artistic diversity of Asia, showcasing an array of objects from India, Nepal, Tibet Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia.

Americans @ National Museum of the American Indian
Oct 26 2017 – Sep 1 2027 all-day

Featuring nearly 350 objects and images, from a Tomahawk missile to a can of baking powder, this exhibit demonstrates the ways in which Indian words and images have become ingrained in American culture. It also examines how four Indian narratives—Pocahontas, Thanksgiving, the Trail of Tears and the Battle of Little Bighorn—have engendered enduring fascination and conflict.

By Their Creative Force: American Women Modernists @ Baltimore Museum of Art
Oct 25 2019 – Jul 5 2020 all-day

This exhibit celebrates women artists whose work reflects major 20th-century movements, from Cubism to Abstract Modernism. Georgia O’Keeffe, Maria Martinez, Grace Turnbull and Grace Hartigan are among those whose paintings, sculptures and decorative arts are showcased.

Marcel Duchamp: The Barbara and Aaron Levine Collection @ Hirshhorn Museum
Nov 9 2019 – Oct 12 2020 all-day

Collectors Barbara and Aaron Levine recently made a gift to the Hirshhorn encompassing more than 50 historical artworks—including 35 by French-American icon Marcel Duchamp, who pioneered the use of everyday objects in 20th-century art. This exhibit of Duchamp’s most famous ready-made sculptures, drawings and prints shares space with works by contemporaries whom he inspired.

Hokusai: Mad about Painting @ Freer | Sackler Gallery
Nov 23 2019 – Nov 30 2020 all-day

While celebrated Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai is best known for his iconic woodblock print The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa, he created thousands of works during his long life. Charles Lang Freer assembled the world’s largest collection of Hokusai’s prints, paintings and drawings, many of which will be on view in this yearlong exhibit.

Heroes: Principles of African Greatness @ National Museum of African Art
Dec 1 2019 – Dec 4 2020 all-day

Ongoing • This unique exhibit celebrates African heroes through tales of human accomplishment that reflect the continent’s trials and triumphs. Pulled from the museum’s permanent collection, each of the nearly 50 works of art on display is paired with an historic African individual who embodies the values reflected in the selected work.

Dewing’s Poetic World @ National Museum of ASIAN ART
Dec 15 2019 – Nov 15 2020 all-day

Known for tonal compositions featuring solitary female figures, turn-of-the-20th-century American painter Thomas Wilmer Dewing was part of a bustling network of collectors and art dealers. This exhibition explores the influence of Dewing’s friendships and social life, supplementing his art with archival photography.

Spectrum of Fashion @ Maryland Historical Society
Dec 15 2019 – Oct 16 2020 all-day

The Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore taps into its archive of costumes, clothing and accessories for an exhibit spanning four centuries. Hermès, Pierre Cardin and “Project Runway” alum Christian Siriano are among the designers featured; fashion pieces, rooted in the state’s history, have connections to former slaves, presidents and royalty.

Free Form: 20th-Century Studio Craft @ Baltimore Museum of Art
Dec 18 2019 – Jun 7 2020 all-day

The 20th century marked a shift in studio craft from practical to avant-garde. This display of embroidery, ceramics and jewelry by innovative mid-century American artists includes pieces by such craftspeople as Baltimore-based metalsmith Betty Cooke and the multinational textile artist Mariska Karasz.