A high school visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater led Charles Warren to pursue a career in architecture. While studying at Virginia Tech, he fell in love with the work of European and Japanese modernists. As he recalls, “Seeing their houses as a student inspired me to design modern residences that have deep connections to the environment and are well-suited to the human scale.”

A strong bond with nature and an emphasis on simplicity of materials continues to inform Warren’s oeuvre today. Teass \ Warren, the practice he founded with Will Teass in 2015, views architecture as a form of sensitive and creative problem-solving. “Our 10-person firm aims to find solutions that meet our clients’ practical constraints while enhancing their quality of life and contributing positively to the environment,” explains Teass.

At the outset of a project, the team spends time actively listening to clients. “Since we may touch on sensitive topics such as budget or aging in place, this approach builds trust and enables us to craft solutions that are tailored to clients’ requirements,” notes Warren.

The principals encourage homeowners to build for the long-term—a true commitment to sustainability. “Often this means incorporating universal design elements, enabling the house to adapt to a family’s evolving needs for the foreseeable future,” Warren adds.

The architects gravitate to work that is both complex and deeply personal—whether it involves navigating a difficult site or expanding historic structures. “We thrive on such challenges,” Warren asserts, “particularly when they hold significant meaning for the owners.”