Primarily situated in and around Washington, DC, the work of  David Jameson Architect creates a unique situational aesthetic, evocatively negotiating the insertion of modernist constructs within authentic urban conditions, adjacent to historic reproductions in suburban environments and within visceral rural landscapes. The studio works to elevate everyday experiences to be poetic, while  celebrating the refined and raw, and the hand of the artisan.

David Jameson has long believed that instilling ideas in a building is what elevates them into meaningful architecture. Each project has its own narrative ideology, while exploring the constant of interstitial space and reflectivity. “The resulting spatial logic of the work is experienced from both the interior and exterior of each home,” Jameson says. “But it is always specific to the conceptual genesis of each project.” He adds, “My studio explores each commission as habitable art.”

Some of David Jameson’s most recent awards for residential design include the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Honor Award for Interior Architecture; AIA National Honor Award for Small Projects; International Architecture Award; American Architecture Award; AIA|DC Award of Excellence; AIA|Maryland Award of Excellence; and AIA|Virginia Award of Excellence.