Trained as an architect, landscape architect and illustrator, Devin Kimmel brings a holistic approach to his craft. Since launching his firm in 2010, he has focused on “artful design”—architecture that is seamlessly integrated with its landscape. His projects reflect the vision of his clients, who are encouraged to be part of the design team. As the architect reasons, “We have accomplished our mission when the client looks at a design and says, ‘Yes, this is me.’”

Kimmel and his staff of 12 are versed in traditional and modern forms. “If a client specifies a building in classical, farmhouse, Colonial, Shingle or Tudor style, we will enjoy designing it—and we will know how to do it,” he affirms.

Even when designing modern structures, architectural history remains first and foremost. “Knowing tradition does not imply that we are bound by it,” Kimmel notes. “But history helps us decide when to tweak or even break traditional rules.”

Kimmel Studio Architects has earned numerous awards; the project pictured on these pages received the People’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design from the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. That same organization chose Kimmel as 2019 Architect of the Year; he and his staff take pride not only in their finished work but also in the beautiful black-and-white drawings, color renderings and 3D models that they present to clients.