Dolly Howarth enjoys creating one-of-a-kind interiors that are meaningful, comfortable and streamlined. By focusing on unexpected color palettes, modern-meets-vintage furnishings and high-quality materials, she forgoes trends in favor of lasting charm. “Now that many of us work from home, intentionally crafted living environments are essential,” she explains. “I believe a well-designed home is a retreat that enriches daily life.”

Howarth is drawn to interior design as an art form that, she believes, requires empathy and vision as well as instinctual, analytical and original thought. Though she seeks myriad opportunities for continuing education, Howarth’s 20-plus years of practical design experience and an early career in economics inform every aspect of her work. Frequently traveling to immerse herself in global architecture, art and design, she brings historical context to fresh ideas and a wealth
of resources.

“My clients benefit from individual attention, a consistent focus and detail-oriented management of their projects,” says Howarth. Providing flexibility and efficiency, she appreciates collaborating with craftspeople, contractors, painters, showroom representatives and other professionals involved in bringing projects to successful fruition. “Fortunately,” the designer concludes, “I believe that these practices have enabled me to develop a wide-ranging portfolio and a roster of loyal clients.”