“More and more, people are tapping into the potential of their garden spaces,” observes Jennifer Horn. “People recognize that a garden is not just something to view from within the house, but it is an extension of the house—both in style and use.”

Horn, who launched her firm in 2009, toggles between modern and traditional, taking cues from the architecture of the home as well as her clients’ lifestyle. “Clients are interested in maximizing the time they can spend in a garden and as a result, elements like fireplaces, fire pits, spas and outdoor kitchens are routinely part of our designs,” she explains.

Each project begins with a dialog between designer and client. “There are countless small details to consider when beginning a project,” Horn notes. “Finding a client’s style may be easy, but incorporating that into their daily life can require more problem-solving.”

Ultimately, she prefers her projects “not to look overdesigned,” she says. “I’m not so sure good design is created so much as discovered or uncovered. If a garden looks like it was inevitable, then we have done a good job.”

Washingtonian named Horn a Woman to Watch in its 2017 Powerful Women issue. In 2018 and 2019, Horn received Silver awards from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.