As a young girl, Joanne Fitzgerald and her mother frequently visited art museums together. It was these excursions that instilled in the future designer a true love and admiration for design. “As long as I can remember,” she reflects, “my passion has been architecture and the decorative arts.”

After initially embarking on an engineering degree in college, Fitzgerald pivoted to fine arts and eventually found her way to working for several commercial architecture and interior architecture firms. She launched her full-service firm, Gatéga Interior Design, in 1996 and has since transformed myriad residential, restaurant, hospitality and light commercial spaces.

Today, Fitzgerald brings her unique experience to the forefront of her work. “I approach most projects from a more technical perspective as they relate to construction, spatial forms, circulation, lighting, color theory and functionality,” she explains. “My lifelong interest in architecture and design, as well as a foundational education in engineering, allow me to bring a truly holistic approach to each project.” Along with her design savvy, Fitzgerald emanates engaging energy—and her incredible attention to detail ensures every project is exceptional in its own right.

Fitzgerald’s goal is not to brand each project with her own signature but rather to create each space as a reflection of the client, their culture and lifestyle. “My overarching mission,” she says, “is to listen carefully to each client and produce the most successful spaces that represent their individual priorities.”