Lisa Bartolomei practiced commercial interior design for 10 years  before transitioning to residential interiors. A desire to make an impact on individuals’ lives led her to create her residential firm, Bartolomei & Co., in 1986; she has been helping people find happiness in their homes ever since.

What sets Bartolomei apart is her ability to work comfortably in any style, from the cleanest contemporary to the most traditional.  “I strive to create an atmosphere that is unique, with an emphasis on comfort, usability and, of course, beauty,” she says. To this end, Bartolomei often creates custom furniture and refines interior  architecture in her projects. “I feel that a successful project truly  reflects the client,” she explains. “It should look as if they have been collecting things over a lifetime.”

Bartolomei travels extensively, with frequent stops in Paris and New York in search of unique furnishings and artwork. Though based in DC, she studied design in Europe and has completed  projects in Jordan, Paris, Florida, Bermuda, New York City, the Hamptons and San Francisco. Her work has been featured in  numerous publications, including Interior Design, The Washington  Post and Home & Design. She has appeared on “Good Morning America” and ABC News.