Margery Wedderburn Interiors creates beautiful spaces in both high-end homes and small commercial settings throughout the Washington, DC, metro area and around the country. Principal Margery Wedderburn launched the firm in 2000, after years of working with top area designers. Today, she and her staff of four translate and transform homeowners’ thoughts and ideas into timeless, elegant spaces that reflect their sensibilities and personalities.

“We are very open to our clients. We listen from the start, developing deep trust and communication—which are essential to something as intimate as the interior design of a home,” Wedderburn observes. “We ask clients to fill out forms, then look at magazine and interior images together and discuss their likes and dislikes. The rest is intuitive.”

Creative arts are in Wedderburn’s blood: Before receiving a master’s degree in interior design, she was a harpist and dancer. She also holds an undergraduate degree in international business, so owning her own company comes naturally.

“A client’s home is so personal,” she says. “One of its most important aspects is the memories it holds. We are not about telling someone to get rid of everything and start over. For us, success is making sure our clients love the results we have created together.”