Maria Galiani recalls visiting an architect’s office in her native North Carolina as a young girl to see a full-scale model of her aunt’s future residence. “Months later, we walked into their beautiful new home,” she remembers. “The whole process fascinated me.”  This first encounter was one of many that inspired Galiani to earn a BS in interior design from Meredith College in Raleigh.

Today, she is principal of Galiani Design Group with more than 30 years of experience in the field. She and her staff of four break the design process down into small steps, working alongside clients to incorporate their desired aesthetic while balancing the elements of light, color, texture and pattern. “We transform environments into warm and comfortable spaces with a tremendous amount of personal style, all while remaining passionate about the architecture and bones of the home,” she explains.

Galiani continues to hone her craft, finding fresh inspiration on every project. She works well with her design associate Kayla Williams, who she terms “wildly talented with a great eye. Our relationship-based approach, a love of architectural details and our influential travels guide us as we work with clients of various backgrounds,” she reflects. “The ultimate goal is to create a uniquely livable experience that is inviting and unforgettably beautiful.”