For Sarah Hayes, a childhood steeped in art and creativity inevitably led to an art-related career, starting with architecture school and then interior design. “As soon as I stepped into my first architecture class at Notre Dame,” she recalls, “I knew I was in the right place.”

Hayes brings an expansive portfolio of knowledge and skills to her work—from architectural training to painting and furniture design. She also practices feng shui which, she observes, helps her make subtle observations and adjustments that bring harmony and balance to everyday living. “I weave a new-traditional aesthetic into clients’ authentic styles, curating homes with context, function and beauty,” she explains of her approach.

The designer walks clients through the design process, starting by studying their lifestyle, daily habits and long-term goals. “This information becomes the foundation of our design,” she notes. “In the second phase, we turn our attention to the space. We take photos and measurements and find out how it’s used, then take the information we’ve sourced and create a practical guide that includes lighting schemes, furniture placement and any structural changes required to enhance the flow of the home.”

Hayes has another secret power that makes her designs uniquely livable: motherhood. “As a mother of four, I understand the many needs a home must meet. It’s my goal and purpose to help families create homes that enhance their daily lives without sacrificing quality or style. My designs are a tribute to the unique lives
lived within them.”