For Skip Sroka, the world of interior design transcends the everyday. “I create a sense of place called home,” says the designer. “The right home creates the right life for our clients and the people with whom they share it.”

Sroka founded his firm in 1987 after studying fine arts and industrial design. A lifelong approach to learning inspires him to keep abreast of new innovations and continue his education through travel. This global perspective has enabled him and his nine-person team to carefully curate each project around the clients’ lifestyles. “We act as a gyroscope to balance information and choices, so what we create is tailored to the needs and aspirations of the homeowners,” Sroka explains. “Our finished interiors are always in context with their surroundings and look as if they have always been there.”

Sroka is adept at finding novel solutions to some of the most vexing design challenges. “Observing things as they are and being able to imagine them in totally different ways in order to improve their function, beauty and relevance—this is part of my toolbox,” he remarks. “We create wonderful spaces that recharge our clients.”

Sroka is currently president of Design Trust Ltd. and the Phillips Park Architectural Review Board.