Todd Howard Ezrin, principal of TOBE DesignGroup, specializes in interiors that are contemporary, environmentally responsive and above all, client-centered. He believes that collaboration is key to successful partnerships that often have blossomed into long-term friendships. “We love working with clients who completely trust us to guide them throughout an entire project,” Ezrin says. “Though our work is a collaborative process, it goes most smoothly when clients trust our expertise in finding solutions to their needs—then they can focus on the aspects of the their lives that matter to them most.”

Ezrin’s love of architecture and design started early through “family interests, travel and Legos,” he says—while proudly admitting that he still has quite the collection. And his passion for design has never waned. A lifelong learner, he draws inspiration and energy from the world around him and applies that energy to satisfying client needs “artfully and thoughtfully.”

Founded in 2011, TOBE DesignGroup believes in relationship-building—whether with clients, vendors or the community—and takes pride in supporting local causes. The firm’s commitment to sustainability is equally strong, a practice that also benefits clients. “We look for materials that are recycled, sustainable and energy-efficient to reduce the impact on the environment,” Ezrin explains. “We often see clients with a piece of furniture that can be reupholstered and/or refinished to bring it back to life. We encourage them to do that, rather than allowing it to end up in a landfill.”