Travis Price Architects is an award-winning firm applauded for its innovative discoveries, theories and visionary aesthetics. Travis Price shapes architecture informed by ecology, mythology and technology, restoring the spirit of “place” to modern design. “Telling the client’s personal story in a modern idiom is key,” Price notes. “Each work speaks to the heart of the built environment’s natural and  human stewardship.”

The TPA team is diverse, dynamic and all on the same philosophic  page. ”We love the dialogue with our clients,” Price says. “We also have our own construction company and build many of our projects, which creates a higher standard of design and construction. Our passion is always guided by ‘measure twice and cut once!’”

In addition to his practice, Price teaches graduate-level architecture studios and lectures on great historical places for The National Geographic Society. He has received AIA national and local awards for residential and academic design/build works, and his firm  recently won an international competition to design a Peace Corps commemorative site on the Mall. Price has authored two award- winning books, The Archaeology of Tomorrow—Architecture and the Spirit  of Place and The Mythic Modern—Expeditions into the Spirit of Place.  He is currently at work on a third.