Some of Douglas Bothner’s earliest memories of growing up in New England revolve around his father’s renovation of their circa-1800 home. “It was a labor of love and I was always right by my dad’s side as he reshaped the building into a home for a young family,” he recalls. “The experience had a profound effect on me. It instilled the idea that each of us has the ability to design and change our physical environment for the better.”

Formally trained in architecture as well as fine art and art history, Bothner is currently a partner at Z|S alongside founding partner, Steve Ziger, and managing partner, Katelin Etoh. Founded in 1984, the now-20-person firm is committed to a culture of transparency and proactive empowerment while pursuing relationships with clients who value the power of design to make a social impact.

“Common to all of our work,” explains Bothner, “is a dedication to simple, elegant and distilled designs with a subtractive rather than additive approach. We take great pride in finding thoughtful, creative, dignified solutions to complex problems.”

Sustainability is inherent in their approach. “We believe good design is about building responsibly and for the long term,” Bothner adds. “This means integrating sustainable principles, sourcing durable materials and using limited resources thoughtfully.”

Z|S’s work has received more than 100 local, national and international awards for design excellence and historic preservation. The firm has been named among the top 50 architecture firms in the U.S. by Architect magazine over multiple years.