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Amanda Friend, Associate ASID

Inspired by a lifelong passion for design, Amanda Friend launched her eponymous interiors firm in 2006. She contends that superior design has the power to change the way people work, play and relax. “My core value,” she explains, “is to bring positivity, harmony and excitement into clients’ lives by creating environments where they’re surrounded by what makes them feel happy and comfortable every day.”

Friend constantly seeks out innovative products and materials—from fabrics and carpets to tile and wall coverings—that bring a unique edge to her work. “My favorite part of design is marrying functionality and aesthetics,” she comments. To that end, she plans spaces that serve more than one purpose.

“While I find it is important for each space to have its own identity, it is also important that all of the spaces in a home circulate in a harmonious manner,” Friend asserts. “I keep a consistent look so that pieces can be interchanged as needed while maintaining aesthetic appeal. For example, I plan items and fixtures of similar scale, color, texture and overall feel throughout the spaces.”

When clients approach the designer because their homes don’t function efficiently or they lack a cohesive look, she is inspired to find imaginative solutions to their dilemmas, tailored to their needs. As Friend reflects, “A person’s home is so very intimate and personal that the design should reflect who they are.”


Amanda Friend Interior Design




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