Amanda Friend Interior Design

Amanda Friend, Associate ASID

Inspired by a lifelong passion for design, Amanda Friend earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in design and launched her interiors firm in 2006. She contends that superior design has the power to change the way people work, think, play and relax. “My core value,” she explains, “is to bring positivity, harmony and happiness into people’s lives by creating environments that surround them with tranquility and contentment every day.”

Friend constantly seeks out innovative products and materials—from fabrics and furnishings to lighting and wall covering—that bring a unique edge to her work while marrying functionality and aesthetics. She prefers spaces that serve more than one purpose. “Each space should have its own identity but all spaces should circulate harmoniously,” the designer asserts. “I keep a consistent look so that pieces can be interchanged as needed while maintaining aesthetic appeal.”

Friend looks for imaginative solutions to dilemmas, tailoring them to her clients’ needs. “I craft personal spaces that truly reflect the client,” says the designer, who asks questions about interests, values, daily routines and even emotional connections to spaces. “I find that closely paying attention to body language, clothing style and the art or objects a person is drawn to can provide insight.”

Experiences with designers from around the world have given Friend an understanding of different cultures, enhancing her creativity. “The best designs,” she says, “emerge from understanding my clients and then creating their dream spaces using my knowledge, doing research—and relying on my pure desire to find beautiful things.”


Amanda Friend Interior Design