Alison Giese Interiors

Alison Giese, CID

Prior to founding her eponymous design firm in 2013, Alison Giese wore a range of hats, from registered dietician to law-school graduate. She believes these disparate experiences have given her a leg up, allowing her to communicate with people on a variety of levels. “Interior design is very personal,” she notes. “The best designer-client collaborations happen when you have something more in common than just wanting to create a beautiful space.”

Giese and her staff of three focus on bringing timelessness to their designs. “Our philosophy is built around the notion that your home should tell your story,” Giese explains. “You can have beauty, warmth and a sense of welcome without a space feeling overly decorated. We achieve depth by mixing items with age and character with new pieces.”

Giese believes that a well-designed home is functional, consistent, comfortable and stylish. She spends time talking with clients about how they can achieve improved function in a way that suits their style and her aesthetic. “I am truly enthusiastic about design,” Giese says. “I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am engaged in the business of design as well as in its creativity.”

Projects by Alison Giese Interiors have appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Northern Virginia and The Cottage Journal.