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Brandi Wilkins

Though she started out in the communications field, design was always top of mind for Brandi Wilkins. “As I recognized how changes in my physical and visual environment could impact my mood—and that I could effectively change those environments—I was inspired to become a designer,” she relates.

Wilkins founded her own firm in 2015 and never looked back, though her communication skills are put to good use on every project. The designer and her associate start out by building a rapport with clients and developing an understanding of their needs, likes and dislikes. This process enables them to interpret homeowners’ needs and desires into creative designs that resonate. “I spend an incredible amount of time getting to know my clients beyond the surface level in order to complete designs that are truly reflective of who they are,” she explains. “Knowing how clients take in and process their surroundings as well as how they communicate can play a huge role in how the total home environment supports them.”

Wilkins marries functionality and aesthetics in her work, noting that the two “are not mutually exclusive. We start with the function—the need—and make it as gorgeous as we possibly can.”

Wilkins, who was named a 2021 Hot Talent designer by Home & Design, strives to incorporate sustainable materials and furnishings in her projects. “We all have a responsibility to take care of our Earth,” she reflects, “which inspires me to seek out relationships with vendors who share those values.”


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