Campion Hruby Landscape Architects

Kevin Campion, ASLA | Bob Hruby, ASLA

Founded in 2010, Campion Hruby is a family of passionate landscape architects rooted in the natural and cultural beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. “CHLA works in urban and rural areas on both private and public commissions,” says Kevin Campion. “We use modern, sustainable methods to amplify the unique character of each landscape, to forge a meaningful connection between people and nature.”

A team of 19 associates, designers and administrative staff works together to create exceptional designs in a collaborative process. “We find bold and imaginative solutions to complex landscape problems,” notes Bob Hruby. “A good design demands a great team, from owner to architect to craftsman. We value relationships and respect the commitment of everyone involved.”

Campion, Hruby and their team believe that a great garden reflects the lives of those who live in and care for it. “A garden is a declaration of style and art, an acknowledgment of time and place,” Campion observes. “It is a statement of environmental understanding and an act of stewardship. A great garden should change you in the moment, improve your general well-being and enhance the quality of your days.”

Campion Hruby’s award-winning designs are regularly recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Perennial Plant Association, as well as many other acclaimed organizations.