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Charlene Petersen

Lauren Jaques » Whitney Wallin

According to its principal, the interior design team of Cashmere Interior was not so much inspired as “called” to the profession. “Our common denominator is a passion for design,” says owner Charlene Petersen. “We all feel fortunate to have found this within  ourselves—and to have an amazing outlet for practicing our art.”

Founded in 2010, the firm now has a staff of seven. Petersen and her senior designers each bring something different to the mix:  Lauren Jaques offers an eclectic-modern sensibility with a twist  of “boho” style, while Whitney Wallin creates a naturally textured, transitional-meets-modern-farmhouse vibe. Petersen combines these with her own global-rustic-modern aesthetic. “Our superpower  strength? Collaboration,” Petersen avers.

Petersen and her staff feel that a well-designed home is functional  first. “We believe that a successful project not only looks great but works even better,” Petersen notes. “When we create floor plans, specify  finishes, pull fabrics…we make sure we know the who, what, when, where and why of how a space will be used.”

Cashmere Interior espouses the philosophy that clients should be able to walk into their homes and feel their personalities are represented.  “Aesthetic and function are not mutually exclusive,” Petersen  observes. “Both can be accomplished 100 percent of the time.”



Cashmere Interior




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