Benton Architecture + Interiors, LLC

David Benton, AIA

After nearly 20 years at some of the finest architecture firms in the DC area, David Benton now heads Benton Architecture + Interiors. While he currently works solo, Benton regularly partners with skilled contractors, craftsmen and consultants, with whom he has cultivated relationships over many years, to deliver thoughtful and beautiful results. Projects range from whole-house interior renovations to sizable home additions.

“Whether a home is considered traditional or contemporary, I respect the classic design principles of scale, balance and harmony,” he says. “By adhering to these core principles, we create thoughtful, functional and welcoming spaces that reflect our clients.”

Benton’s design process begins with “getting to know the homeowners—how they live today and how they dream of living,” he explains. “Having a strong sense of the client’s style, as well as the existing house and surroundings, helps lay the groundwork for a bespoke home that will enhance their lives.”

Benton Architecture + Interiors delivers on the big picture, from initial design through construction oversight and the furnishing of interiors so that clients ultimately have a house that feels like home. Benton’s ideal client appreciates good design and enjoys the process of exploring new possibilities together.