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Fabiola Martens

Growing up in Europe, Fabiola Martens developed a keen eye for design and interiors and a love for art and antiques. She earned law degrees in two countries, but quickly decided to pursue a more creative career in interior design. She founded her eponymous DC-based firm more than 20 years ago.

Martens considers design a way of life. “It is intuitive to me and should never appear forced,” she explains. “I believe that good interior design flows from a harmonious dialogue between the architecture of the home and the people who live in it.”

For every project, Martens takes time to develop an intimate understanding of her client’s objectives and lifestyle, enabling her to create comfortable, yet sophisticated living spaces that withstand the test of time and reflect the unique character of each client. She loves working with elements that have been part of a client’s life and incorporates them in new ways in the spaces she creates. She believes in using excellent pieces and has a strong ability for layering colors and textures.

Martens is fluent in a diverse palette of styles, influenced by both her American and European sensibilities. Her interiors are grounded in classical style but do not shy away from the contemporary.

She prides herself on long-lasting relationships with her clients. It is not unusual for her to work on consecutive homes and city pieds-à-terre, as well as vacation homes and office spaces.


Fabiola Martens Interior Design




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