Masseria Chic

Federica Asack

Born and raised in Italy where her grandmother was an antiques dealer, Federica Asack is certain that classicism is in her DNA. “I have a great appreciation for the handmade and traditional way of doing things,” says the designer, who further honed her aesthetic while living abroad and traveling frequently. “I love to experience new cultures—especially through architecture, textiles, paintings and objects,” she reflects.

After going back to school for interior design in the U.S., Asack launched her company, Masseria Chic, in Virginia Beach. She later worked and lived in Bahrain and finally found a home in McLean.

Asack believes that everyone should come to the design table with intent, excitement and an open mind. “Design can be a beautiful conversation and the process can be really smooth if there is good communication,” she observes. To that end, she makes sure she has a good sense of a client’s lifestyle. And while every selection is made with aesthetics and function in mind, she’s likely to think outside the box and use items in new and unexpected ways.

With her classic design upbringing, love of antiquities and wanderlust approach, it’s no surprise that Asack designs with longevity in mind. She aims for interiors that convey what she calls an “effortless, curated and chic look,” and gravitates toward natural materials and finishes that will stand the test of time, age gracefully and maintain their value.


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