Franck & Lohsen Architects, Inc.

Michael Franck, AIA | Arthur Lohsen, AIA

Michael Franck and Arthur Lohsen, the principals of Franck & Lohsen Architects, have always had a strong appreciation for, and desire to create, classical architecture. Early in their careers, they each sought out the best architects with whom to study and learned to work with clients, collaborate with staff members—and design beautiful, timeless architecture. “Such buildings resonate with the human spirit and never go out of style,” explains Franck.

Both architects have traveled extensively and bring their life experiences to inform and enhance the projects they design. While Franck has a talent for sketching and can rapidly depict design ideas and intent for clients, Lohsen is adept at integrating new technologies. “We are great collaborators,” he observes. “We skillfully transform ugly-duckling houses into beautiful homes and often rework the interior of a house and repurpose rooms so that an addition may not be necessary.”

In 2011, Franck and Lohsen received the prestigious Arthur Ross Award for elegant designs and sensitivity to detail in outstanding residential, institutional, and civic commissions. Though based in DC, they frequently work in other parts of the country and abroad.