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Julie Geyer, IDS

Julie Geyer’s chic and sophisticated aesthetic is a refreshing alternative to the traditional interiors she encountered growing up in Bethesda. Since opening her firm in pre-pandemic 2020, she has applied her longtime passion for art, architecture and fashion to providing a unique, full-service design experience to residential clients, creating one-of-a-kind spaces that possess a certain je ne sais quoi.

Geyer is also not above having a little fun in the process. “While we take the job of designing your home seriously, we always want our clients to feel relaxed and enjoy the time spent working with us—and to know we can always communicate openly,” she relates. “Laughter is a common sound around the studio.”

For Geyer, the best project is a blank slate where she’s able to tease out what her clients desire, even if they can’t articulate it. “I love it when we can push the envelope and take a client to the edges of their comfort zone, to a place where they didn’t even know they wanted to go,” she enthuses. “Yet once they are there, they can’t imagine anything else.”

Having studied art history in Paris and developed a deep appreciation for beauty in all forms, Geyer is also passionate about bringing art into clients’ homes. “Often people don’t realize they can own original art,” she explains. “This is something I can share with them, as I am familiar with the work of many artists throughout the country.”


Julie Geyer Studio




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