John F. Heltzel AIA P.C.

John F. Heltzel

John Heltzel started his career on the construction site, working  as a carpenter for a custom homebuilder. This hands-on  experience has proved invaluable to his work as an architect. “It developed my ability to design while fully understanding how things go together,” he explains. “When I design a detail, I know exactly what I am asking the tradesman to do.”

The creative process has always been Heltzel’s first love. With more than 25 years of experience, he has designed custom homes and renovations of all sizes, from New York to Florida. He and his staff, which includes architects, engineers and interior  designers, ensure that all aspects of the design process are  addressed. Their objective is to help clients “enjoy happier, more productive lifestyles by improving their environment through  excellent design.”

Heltzel emphasizes the importance of listening to clients,  understanding their objectives and helping them to prioritize. “I am just as comfortable with a felt-tip pen and tracing paper  as I am with a spreadsheet,” he observes. “I create design  solutions alongside my clients, efficiently and within budget. I use any means of communication that I find effective, from digital scrapbooks and casual discussions to laundry lists or a road trip.”