Lobkovich Kitchen Designs

J. Paul Lobkovich

An early infatuation with automobile and industrial design  inspired J. Paul Lobkovich to become a designer.  Later, he  studied architecture in Italy, an experience that shapes his perspective to this day.  “Scale and proportion are paramount in my work,” he says.

Lobkovich worked as a residential and commercial architect for several years before shifting his focus to a new specialty: kitchen and bath design. He currently has more than 25 years of experience  creating one-of-a-kind kitchens in locations such as New York City, The Hamptons, Chicago, Florida, California and, of course,  Washington, DC.

A Lobkovich kitchen is defined by elegant, straightforward  design, with luxurious touches such as custom metalwork— including gorgeous hoods of mixed metal and metal-cabinetry  accents. “We try to incorporate unique elements in every design, so that no two projects are exactly alike,” Lobkovich says.  “Capturing the spirit of the house—whether it is a new, modern structure or a historic home full of character—is important. The kitchen should be a logical transition to the other living spaces of the home.”

Lobkovich Kitchen Designs was named Home & Design’s Designers’  Choice award-winner for favorite kitchen design firm in both 2016 and 2017.