Lobkovich Kitchen Designs

J. Paul Lobkovich | Emily Neifeld

An early infatuation with automobile  and industrial design inspired J. Paul Lobkovich to become a designer. Later, he studied architecture in Italy, an experience that shapes his perspective to this day. “Scale and proportion are paramount in my work,” he says.

Lobkovich worked as a residential and commercial architect for several years before shifting his focus to kitchen-and-bath design and launching his firm in 2000. Today, there are eight designers and architects on staff, including Emily Neifeld, who was recently named a partner in the firm.

A Lobkovich kitchen is defined by elegant, straightforward design, with luxurious touches such as custom metalwork—including gorgeous hoods with mixed-metal accents. “We try to incorporate unique elements in every design, so that no two projects are exactly alike,” Lobkovich notes.

Neifeld is on the same page when it comes to channeling one-of-a-kind results. “I love a project that features an aesthetic that is outside of the box,” she explains. “Think Art Deco, Desert Modern or Old World Italian. Projects that push me to bring in influences from a specific historical period or design movement and interpret them with cabinetry in a new way are challenging and rewarding.”

A collaborative dialogue is the first step to a bespoke kitchen. “For me,” contends Lobkovich, “listening to the client to the get the essence or vibe they’re after, then recreating it so they feel emotionally connected is what I enjoy doing most.”

Lobkovich has won several Home & Design Designers’ Choice awards for favorite kitchen designer and kitchen design firm.