MAX Interiors

Karen Kalicka

After a career designing model homes for local and national home builders, Karen Kalicka pivoted to residential design, launching MAX Interiors in 1999. Based in Potomac, the full-service interior design firm provides personalized service to create bespoke interiors. Kalicka collaborates with local builders on interior and exterior selections for new construction, whole-house renovations and room-by-room projects.

As Kalicka sees it, a trusting relationship with clients is essential to a project’s success. “My design process begins with a meet and greet,” she explains. “This gives me an opportunity to assess clients’ design directives.”  The goal is to translate their vision into reality, while incorporating her own keen eye for color, attention to detail and the essentials of function. She takes pride in the level of customer service and personalization she provides, and always ensures her designs are livable and inviting. “I deliver a sophisticated design with personal elements, while making the process a seamless and enjoyable experience,” she avers.

Sustainability is a focus at MAX Interiors, where incorporating more energy-efficient lighting and organic, eco-friendly materials with low environmental impact has become a best practice.

Kalicka believes that creativity is innate and credits her grandmother, who had exceptional taste, with inspiring her to become an interior designer. “I got the creative gene in my family and a love of fashion, detail and appreciation for beautiful things,” she recounts. “I like the challenge residential design brings to the table.”


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