Katia Goffin Gardens

Katia Goffin, ASLA

Katia Goffin founded her firm seven years ago, after gaining more than 25 years of experience in both Europe and the U.S. Today, Katia Goffin Gardens employs three landscape architects and designers. “Each of our gardens is a response to the clients’ desires and the site’s characteristics,” Goffin says. “Gardens are organized according to classical methods with thoughtful, modernist twists.”

Her work is inspired by a love of nature and an appreciation for the peace of green havens. “From a young age, I spent afternoons at my grandmother’s house where terrazzo floors bridged the indoors and outdoors, surrounded by the silence of her garden and its single large tree that swayed in the wind,” she recalls. “These sensibilities are what we seek to translate: a connection to nature and beauty, a green haven.”

To create a brilliant garden experience, the company emphasizes strong collaboration with the designers, architects, engineers, artists and craftsmen who will ultimately translate vision into reality. Shared iteration during the design process and close management during building and installation ensure the successful completion of bespoke outdoor spaces. “We blend beauty, order and simplicity to create timeless outdoor rooms,” Goffin observes. “A garden should mature like a good wine—it should get better with time.”


Katia Goffin Gardens