Katia Goffin Gardens

Katia Goffin, ASLA

Laurel Heile

Gardens and nature have shaped how landscape architect Katia Goffin feels about outdoor spaces since her childhood. In those days, she reveled in her grandmother’s garden as a magical world of courtyards, winding paths and beds populated with majestic trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens and an orangerie filled with climbing grapevines. “The best days were the hot, windy days of summer when the garden moved to its own rhythm,” she remembers.

Goffin has spent half her life in Europe and half in the U.S.—a dual experience that she feels defines her design sensibility. “I bring a harmonious blend of European perspectives to my projects,” she observes. “I craft elegant and cozy outdoor spaces for enjoying the simple pleasures of life.”

Founded more than a decade ago, Katia Goffiin Gardens is a small boutique design and management practice that combines 25-plus years of collective experience in the Washington, DC, area. The team is comprised of landscape architects and designers who bring cross-cultural perspectives and unique design experience to the table. The firm’s design process is built on establishing strong partnerships with clients, craftspeople and architects and attentively considering their needs. Employing a tailored approach to site design ensures that the end result aligns with the clients’ vision and ideally exceeds expectations.

“Our approach, rooted in classical design principles, emphasizes meticulous attention to detail and the finer elements,” Goffin notes. “We craft environments that draw people in to linger and savor the ambience.”


Katia Goffin Gardens