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Kirsten Anthony Kaplan

Kirsten Kaplan started her career in design  20 years ago in San Francisco, then carried her clean, unfussy aesthetic with her to DC, where she founded Haus Interior Design in 2005. As the firm’s principal designer, she brings an unusual combination of skills and experience to every project: an MBA from Yale, work in construction management and a childhood spent surrounded by iconic furnishings and art. “My unique background enables me to handle all phases of a comprehensive design project, from overall vision-casting to detailed implementation,” she notes.

The talented Haus Interior Design team creates bespoke interiors with expertise and professionalism, ensuring that each project is approached with creative rigor. “From traditional elegance to classic simplicity, we have a broad range of design capabilities and creative talent,” Kaplan avers. “Whether a project involves renovation or turnkey furnishing, our clients are confident knowing we will oversee every detail and decision, from the initial consultation to the final reveal.”

Their process begins with design development alongside the client, but as the vision coalesces, the success of a project depends in large part on the efficient execution of design plans. “Budgets and timelines are as important as the weave of a fabric or the lines in a piece of art. Thousands of decisions need to be made that require an immediate response during any project,” explains Kaplan. “It all has to work together to achieve client objectives. We’re committed to acting quickly and in the best interests of our clients, while professionally accomplishing the goals we set forth from the start.”


Haus Interior Design




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