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From a young age, Lauren Sachs could see the full potential of a space, redrawing her childhood room many times over. “I’ve had a love of design for as long as I can remember,” she says. Though she started out as an

art consultant, she ultimately decided to make a career out of her passion and launched Lauren Sachs Designs in 1994.

Sachs’ design process revolves around connection and collaboration with clients, learning about their lives and how they envision themselves in their homes. “Asking the right questions, listening and serving as their guide in the process has proven to be a winning formula,” she explains.

Sachs views projects both holistically and in the smallest detail. “From color and texture to material and quality, my aesthetic interweaves a multitude of elements that come together to form each room as a cohesive work of art,” she says. “I draw inspiration everywhere I look, whether it is from travel abroad or something right outside my door.”

Sachs’ work has been featured in Home & Design and she received a Bethesda Magazine “Best of Bethesda” award in 2019. A third-generation Washingtonian, she has cultivated strong working relationships with local contractors, tradespeople and workrooms. “Their top-notch expertise helps bring my designs to life,” reflects Sachs. “My priority is to walk away from every project with happy clients.”


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