Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

Miriam Dillon, ASID, Associate AIA

Miriam Dillon came to Barnes Vanze Architects in 2010 to  develop and lead its interiors division. Her skills received wide recognition in 2017, when Baldwin Hardware selected her to serve on its national design council for a two-year term.

Dillon earned her degree in architecture prior to becoming  licensed as an interior designer, which gives her a unique  perspective on the connection between the two disciplines. “As  a designer in an architecture firm, we work more closely as a team  from the beginning,” she says. “I like for the interior design to be seamlessly integrated within the home’s structure and layout.”

Dillon grew up in Philadelphia, where she spent many weekends  traveling with her mother by train “to discover local art and  architecture along the Main Line,” she recounts. “My mother introduced me to the power of beauty in everyday life. It was during that time that I knew I wanted to study architecture and design.”

As Dillon sees it, a well-designed home blends the vision and personalities of its owners within the built environment. “I  prefer to approach a new project by first getting to know the  client and understanding their vision,” she says. The result is a  living space that is pleasing, special and totally geared toward the people who live there.