Olamar Interiors, LLC

Paola McDonald, IDS

“My design philosophy is simple. Your home should not only reflect who you are, but it should work for the way you live in it,” says Paola McDonald, principal of Olamar Interiors. “To me, a luxurious space is one that your family and friends love to visit and never want to leave.”

McDonald begins each project by getting to know her clients. She listens for the cues that will allow her to develop a design concept that reflects the client, then injects her creative vision into the mix. “Your design experience with us should not just meet your expectations; it should leave you dazzled,” McDonald avers.

Growing up in a family of architects, McDonald learned early about the structural aspects of design. “But what really inspires me is the way a space lives every day,” she explains. “I translate my clients’ dreams into functional, beautiful spaces that fit the way they live.”

Paola McDonald received two 2013 Interior Design Society Designer of the Year Awards in the categories of Playrooms, Nurseries and Children’s Rooms; and Living Spaces Under $30,000.