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Paulo Trindade

As a child in Brazil, Paulo Trindade recalls accompanying his father on “epic road trips” to cities, small towns and massive agricultural plantations. “I was fascinated by the ways people lived in these different places,” he recounts, “and by how nature was often either deeply integrated or profoundly separated from their daily lives.” Brasilia, the country’s capital, made an especially strong impression. “The planned layout of the city, coupled with Oscar Niemeyer’s modernist architecture, really makes you feel like you can have the best of both worlds, integrating clean organization and organic beauty,” Trindade explains.

Grow Landscapes, the firm he established in 1994, strives to achieve that balance with every project. Trindade’s clients are looking “to add depth of experience to their lives,” he says, “elevating everyday activities to something extraordinary,” whether it’s a wedding or birthday pool party. “The value is significant. Being given the opportunity to provide the setting for these memories is a tremendous privilege.”

Trindade’s preferred projects are those that center around people. “My favorite clients want to create spaces that their loved ones will be able to use and enjoy. If the last couple of years have taught us anything,” he adds, “it is that life should be lived and enjoyed as fully as possible— and without delay.”

As a builder, Trindade puts the memories of Brasilia’s organization and beauty to work as he seeks to balance functionality with aesthetics. “Luckily,” he observes, “when you keep functionality strongly in mind during the design process, beauty almost always follows naturally.”


Grow Landscapes Great Outdoors




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