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Richard Williams, FAIA

Richard Williams has spent a lot of time—both as a child and as an adult—on an 18th-century Virginia farm with gardens dating from the 1930s. “An old house by a garden will mentor you for a lifetime,” he says. “I create modern architecture that is as honest, simple and timeless as this touchstone place.”

Richard Williams Architects designs buildings that are inspired by and respond to their settings so that no matter the style, they appear rooted to that place. “Most sites have a mix of glorious opportunities and intractable problems,” Williams observes. “Our process heals the problems and maxes out the opportunities through a deep understanding of the site. Our buildings are appropriate, yet unique and notable.”

Williams brings a thorough knowledge of the history of architecture and landscape architecture to each project, introducing novel building forms and quality living spaces. Whether adding to a historic house in McLean or building a minimalist retreat on the shores of Lake Ontario, RWA’s principles are the same: well-proportioned spaces designed from the inside out to integrate with the landscape; an inspired yet judicious selection of materials; and well-resolved details that do not clamor for attention.


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