Ambi Design Studio

Shanon Munn, ASID

Shanon Munn, the founder of Ambi Design Studio, approaches each project systematically, confirming that her design plan and the architecture are complementary before selecting the decorative elements. “A well-planned design does not need a lot of decoration to give it balance or warmth,” Munn says. “The floor plans and furniture layouts create a road map for the rest of the project that allows for smooth progress and ensures that spaces flow seamlessly with each other.”

Because her personal life is busy, Munn aspires to be as pragmatic and efficient as she can—qualities that permeate her professional work. She specializes in generating color palettes and devising fixes for complicated floor plans, always maintaining that crucial bond with the client. “I ask many questions and use inspiration sheets,” she says. “Trying to understand the client’s real needs and dreams takes research and observation. Good communication is key to getting into their psyche.”

In addition to residential design, Munn has experience with commercial architecture and hospitality design. She made Luxe’s Gold List in 2015.