Transitions by Sharon Kleinman

Sharon Kleinman

The daughter of an architect, Sharon Kleinman grew up with an appreciation for scale and proportion. She launched her design career in 1997, inspired by friends and neighbors who admired how she decorated her own home. Today, most of Kleinman’s projects are new construction, major renovations and whole-home makeovers. Collaborating with architects and builders, she works to ensure her clients’ vision is maintained from start to finish, tailoring her work to reflect their aesthetic and personality and striving to make the process enjoyable. “Large projects can be overwhelming,” she admits. “I create a cohesive plan that gives clients greater ease in making informed decisions.”

Clear and open communication is a foundation of Kleinman’s  approach; she builds upon concepts to help homeowners reach a high level of understanding. “I want clients to feel confident about their own personal style and taste,” she says.

Kleinman employs a small but efficient administrative staff. “This frees me to devote my creative energy to each client,” explains the designer, who takes pride in focusing on every detail in a home. “Whether it’s the height of a chair rail or a splash of color added with pillows,” she concludes, “it’s the little details that make the difference between ordinary and sensational.”


Transitions by Sharon Kleinman




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