Susan Gulick Interiors Ltd.

Susan Gulick, ASID

“I provide a needed service that enhances people’s lives,” says  Susan Gulick, who brings a fine arts degree and more than  30 years of design experience to her work. Gulick’s firm handles residential and light commercial projects, and Gulick emphasizes the importance of exceptional materials, craftsmanship, and insight during every project. She and her team “listen to the client and work together to discover what they really want,” Gulick explains. “Our philosophy focuses on understanding and implementing the client’s vision.”

The award-winning designer works in a range of styles, but her goal remains the same on every project: to attain a fresh, uncluttered look and a balanced, unified whole. She considers every detail, from the clients’ lifestyle to the way they dress, in order to create a design that will satisfy the desired function, aesthetic and vision for the project. “I believe in the power of easygoing elegance in an interior space,” she says. “I bring this vision to life in my work.”

Gulick is always careful to marry her crisp, signature designs with functionality. “I love a look that’s clean,” she says. “But I’m also a realist.  Life is about whirlwind schedules and all kinds of lifestyles. Homes must work. Aesthetics must also yield to practicality.”