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Syntha E. Harris

Syntha Harris began her career in fashion, working as a runway and print model for more than two decades. “I worked directly for designers like Oscar de la Renta, Mary McFadden and Ralph Lauren,” she says. “Surrounded by legendary style icons, I learned how they approached every aspect and detail of design. This experience contributed greatly to the interior designer I am today.”

Though she worked in fashion, Harris was educated as an interior designer and in 2002, she found her way back to interiors, launching a small, boutique firm with a handful of key staff. Today, she and her team center their design process around open communication, transparency and a commitment to the designer-client relationship. “The client is the heart of my company’s focus,” Harris avers. “Creating a design experience that is seamless and enjoyable—and a home that is elegant and practical, luxurious yet functional—is our goal.”

Harris continues: “Designing a perfect home doesn’t have to start with a blank canvas. The most transformational change can happen by keeping the things that you love, and integrating purposeful and functional elements. We infuse understated elegance and sophistication, reimagining your space by curating it specifically for you and your family.”


Syntha Harris Interiors, LLC




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