Travis Price Architects

Travis Price, FAIA

Kelly Davies Grace, AIA | Leith Almashal

“I have always tried to be a trail-blazer,” avers Travis Price. “Since I was 12 years old, I loved building tree forts in the Georgia swamps, traipsing through the jungles of Panama and being immersed in European cities. To sculpt and touch livable space was my deepest passion.”

Price founded his firm in 1980 and has since amassed a vast portfolio. He teaches award-winning graduate architecture courses, lectures on historical places for the National Geographic Society and builds authentic modern architecture “for happy clients,” he says.

He and his staff of six design residential, commercial and institutional projects, espousing a design philosophy that synthesizes ecology, mythology and technology in a modern idiom. “We listen carefully to the stories of the client and the site, both before and during the design process,” Price relates. “We hope to inspire authenticity so that clients find shoes that fit them.”

TPA recently received eight national AIA design awards for its Spirit of Place installations; last year, Price was nominated for the National AIA Gold Medal for contributions to cultural and ecological literacy in modern architecture. He is the author of two award-winning books, The Archaeology of Tomorrow—Architecture and the Spirit of Place and The Mythic Modern—Expeditions into the Spirit of Place, and is currently at work on a third.