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Vicky Lal

Though Vicky Lal earned formal degrees in technology, a lifelong passion for interiors eventually inspired her to switch gears and pursue a certificate in interior design. In 2000, she launched her own firm, Vicky Lal Design LLC, which specializes in designing interiors for residential and commercial renovations and new construction.

One of Lal’s earliest accomplishments was completing her own custom home. “When I built and designed my own family’s home 18 years ago, the process allowed me to recognize that I had a natural flair for design, color, textures and fabrics,” she says. “After this inspirational experience, I immersed myself in my new goal of making interior design a full-time pursuit.”

Lal has finished 300 projects since then, from kitchen and bathroom makeovers to entire residences. She and her team evaluate every job in terms of function, mood and harmony. “We start with a detailed client interview during which we assess their likes and dislikes,” the designer explains. “This process allows us to get a sense of the clients’ style while also providing us with insight into what they are envisioning.

“My ultimate goal,” she continues, “is to understand my clients’ needs and wants, and to ensure that every space is a reflection of who they are.”


Vicky Lal Design LLC


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