Warren C. Ralston, AIA | Matthew Somma

“The process of building a home is deeply personal—and emotional,” says principal Warren Ralston of WCRA. “We have great rapport with our clients and each other, and we endeavor to make the experience comfortable.” The Northern Virginia firm boasts projects spanning from Florida to New York; Ralston and his team, including designer Matthew Somma, create homes that are both intimate and inviting. “In so many ways, architecture is about the way a space makes you feel rather than the sum of its parts,” Ralston says. “Your eyes might not perceive why a space feels good—you just know it does.”

Ralston brings a high level of precision and technical planning to his projects—developed while working for a contractor in the aerospace industry. “That meticulousness found its way into our studio,” he explains, adding that this perspective has helped him impart intensity, depth and clarity of detail to the built environment.

By contrast, Somma brings a focus on illustration and painting to the table. “Matt has a unique aptitude for color, light and texture,” Ralston notes. “His sketches illuminate the design narrative in a way that both captivates and engages clients.”

The award-winning WCRA is also philanthropic, working with local organizations on constructing and renovating shelters for the area’s homeless population and designing accessible homes for wounded veterans.






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