Sandy Spring Builders

4705 West Virginia Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814
4705 West Virginia Avenue Bethesda Maryland 20814 US

The experienced management team at Sandy Spring Builders has delivered hundreds of homes during the past two decades, many of them earning gold and silver awards from their peers in local homebuilding competitions. Partners Phil Leibovitz and Mimi Brodsky Kress work with all clients, using a hands-on approach that delivers “home after home that we are proud of.”

The team points to an enduring philosophy that everyone at Sandy Spring Builders lives by: “We are your builder for life.” Employees are encouraged to be straightforward with clients to avoid false expectations. “When we do a preliminary analysis for a project,” says Leibovitz, “we don’t give you the best-case scenario; instead, we are realistic because we want to meet your goals.” Their team at SSB works hard to ensure clients understand what they are getting, showing them previous projects and facilitating dialog with former clients, who provide the best testament to the firm’s quality and customer service.

How We Work:  “We are your full-service builders and our job is to achieve your goals—you are our client and we work for you. The owners of Sandy Spring Builders will be involved in the process of building your home from the beginning—along with our staff, which is among the most talented and passionate in our industry. “