Monarch Design DC

Charlene Kennerknecht

The interior design firm Monarch Design DC was created by Charlene Kennerknecht over 20 years ago. Monarch Design frequently collaborates with the design-build firm Monarch Homes, founded by Charlene’s husband, Jim Kennerknecht.  Monarch Design DC creates timeless, well-crafted, one-of-a-kind homes where strong architectural elements meet thoughtful interior design.

Charlene is inspired by her love of travel and a life-long exploration of the broader and intimate environments where people live.  She is driven by color and texture; other senior designers in the firm focus on architectural history and classic design.  The firm is bi-coastal, with Charlene in Virginia and design partners in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City.  These origins are reflected in Monarch’s work, as it seamlessly combines a casual West Coast vibe with a traditional East Coast sensibility.

“The biggest compliment is when our clients tell us they love spending time at home,” says Charlene.

Monarch homes stand the test of time, which is a hallmark of great design. “We choose comfortable, quality furnishings. We aren’t overly trendy, though our work is on trend. Above all, we bring extensive expertise to grant our clients’ deepest wishes for how they choose to live,” reflects Charlene.


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