Robert Cole, RIBA | Sophie Prévost, ASID

Since co-founding ColePrévost in 1996, Sophie Prévost and Robert Cole have embraced the symbiosis of architecture and interior design, practicing both simply as a design process. “The emphasis of each discipline works best as part of a cohesive whole,” explains Cole.

Both trained as architects. Prévost grew up in Monaco. She studied fine arts in Paris and moved to the U.S., where she earned professional degrees in interior design and architecture. Educated in New York and London, Cole is a British-registered architect and a professor of architecture. “Our years of experience working on a diverse range of type and scale, here and abroad, is stimulating: It keeps us fresh and curious,” says Prévost.

The principals work closely with their clients to understand their needs, personalities and lifestyles. “There are many solutions to any issue,” Prevost observes. “We seek the right questions, listen carefully and collaborate with our clients towards a design that fits them like a glove and often exceeds their expectations.”

The duo shares a deep respect for craftsmanship. They collaborate with builders, fabricators, artisans and artists linked in their desire to create excellence. Remarks Cole, “We enjoy working with others to craft spaces where function, comfort, beauty and art are fused into a unique experience.”